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coming to the Segal Centre Feb. 26 – March 5





Montreal, get ready … Fancy Nancy fever is coming to the Segal Centre for an 11-performance run from February 26 to March 5.


Based on the widely popular series of children’s books by Jane O’Connor and Robin Penn Glasser, “Fancy Nancy: The Musical” will be presented by the Cote St. Luc Dramatic Society, under the direction of its co-founder Anisa Cameron.


“Before I started working on this show, I never heard about the books or this iconic character. It was (Segal Centre Artistic and Executive Director) Lisa Rubin’s idea to stage this musical – which will be the first time the Segal Centre will present a play specifically aimed at children ages 12 and under – and she approached me to direct it, because of my experience directing plays at Bialik High School over the past 12 years, she thought I would be the perfect person for the job,” she said. “During the run of our previous production ‘Our Town’ last month, there was a little girl who came to the show dressed as Fancy Nancy, and her parents told me that she couldn’t wait to see our upcoming production of ‘Fancy Nancy: The Musical’.”


A hit Off-Broadway between 2012 and 2014, “Fancy Nancy: The Musical” tells the story of Nancy, a young girl who loves to be posh and exquisite in the French style. Along with her circle of fancy friends Bree, Rhonda, Wanda and Lionel, Fancy Nancy audition for their very first stage show “Deep Sea Dances”, in which Nancy hopes to land the much sought after part of one of the mermaids; instead, she is cast as a tree. And it’s up to Fancy Nancy to make the best of this situation and give the best performance possible, even if it isn’t in the role that she hope to get chosen for.


“There are no small parts, just small actors,” said Cote St. Luc Mayor Mitchell Brownstein, who is also producing the show. “It promotes a lot of positive messages that are not just for girls, because the idea of being fancy is for everyone.”


Both Brownstein and Cameron noted that the show, which has a total running time of 50 minutes and accompanied by a live four-piece band, will certainly attract a lot of young theatergoers and their parents owing to the fact that the dates of the run occurs during the annual spring break for many of the schools across Montreal. And they added that to make it an even more fun experience for everyone who comes to see “Fancy Nancy: The Musical”, there will also be a photo booth complete with costumes, as well as a kiosk with all of the Fancy Nancy books available for purchase, as well as Fancy Nancy costumes that will be for sale at reasonable prices.


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Tickets are $30 each, $25 for children 12 and under. Show times are 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. (February 26 and March 2), 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. (February 27 to March 1) and 1 p.m. (March 5). For more information, or to purchase tickets for “Fancy Nancy: The Musical”, call 514-739-7944, or got to