Valeriya Khomar

With pleasure and an open heart, I would like to welcome you into my world of colors and forms.
Here is my personal diary and a reflection of a continuous journey about my life and this magnificent world we live in.

I hope you will enjoy my vision and story through my artworks as much as I was enjoying creating them.

Valeriya Khomar was born in Kiev, Ukraine. Her father, a talented, multi-dimensional artist, enrolled his daughter in a class at an Art Studio for young artists. Later on, Valeriya graduated from an Art School and after, from an Art and Design College in Kiev.

In 1995 she came with her family to Montreal. As a new arrival coming into Canada, she continued her education at Dawson College and Concordia University in Montreal. Soon latter, she started a career in Fashion industry as a graphic designer and illustrator, doing visual presentations and artworks for the main apparel companies in Montreal.

In the midst of a successful run, Valeriya made the life-changing decision to go back to her roots and build a creative career of her own. About 4 years ago Valeriya started her full-time career as a painter.

“After a hiatus in my artistic pursuits, it feels so amazing to come back to my roots, to become myself. I am so blessed that I was able to recognize myself as an artist and so grateful that others responded so positively.”

Valeriya Khomar