Montréal, May 31, 2017

Résidences Québec offers a residence advisory service to support seniors and their families in their efforts to find a retirement home that best corresponds to their degree of autonomy within the network of private homes certified by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux. Our residence advisors assess the needs of seniors on all levels:  socially, physically, and cognitively so that they can find a home that best corresponds to the needs of each individual. Throughout the challenging process of choosing a new home, our advisors accompany seniors and their families while:


  • Setting up individual meetings at home or at the hospital to assess the senior’s needs
    • Researching and recommending certified homes that meet strict quality standards and guidelines
    • Accompanying the senior on visits to select a retirement home (semi-autonomous or non-autonomous)
    • Supporting the senior in any of their needs until their admission to the residence of choice


Our Residences Advisors Service is FREE for beneficiaries because our advisors are paid by the network of private residences in Québec.


About Nora Fagen







Nora Fagen, Residence Advisor

Montréal, West-Island and Montréal West.



Nora has experienced moving a very close family member from her home, to a residence, to a long term care facility. She then worked as a lifestyle consultant at a senior’s residence, so she knows what it’s like on both sides.

Patient, empathetic and a good listener by nature, Nora is devoted to helping you and your family find the best possible long term solution, be it for Assisted Living, Alzheimer or Dementia sufferers, she will help you find the best possible retirement home within your budget and needs in Montréal and the West- Island.


To contact Nora Fagen, please call 514-996-2887 or visit