CM2-O16 kitchenThis winter and spring the Cabinetmaking students at Rosemount Technology Centre (RTC) have used their newly acquired woodworking skills to build kitchens for a new duplex in Ormstown, Qc. The semi-attached homes have been built by Habitat for Humanity in collaboration with the Carpentry department at the Chateauguay Career Centre.  The ‘Key Giving Ceremony’ will be in July.



The RTC Cabinetmaking students began working with Habitat for Humanity in the spring of 2013 with the construction of two kitchens for a duplex in the east end of Montreal. The project was a great success with students and the department built two more kitchens for a Habitat duplex in St. Henri in the spring of 2015. “We would love to make it a tradition – it’s a great example of collaboration between community, education and industry,” says instructor Eliane Kinsley, who initiated the project.



Material donations from industry partners Blum, Uniboard and Arborite helped make the project possible.



Student Julia Gregory enjoyed the building experience:



 “I’ve learned so much from being involved in this project!  It feels great to apply and build on the skills I’ve developed so far to contribute to such a meaningful project. It’s rewarding to know that what we’ve built will be part of a family’s daily life.”



“The students were committed and engaged; it was a delightful experience, to build and teach with purpose.” said veteran instructor Brendan Griffin.



The RTC Cabinetmaking students are enrolled in the 14 month program that includes study of the woods used in cabinetmaking, manufactured sheet materials and hardware. Students also study the history of furniture and use computers to research and draw. Most students have never used hand tools and machine tools and become thoroughly grounded in the potential and safe use of these tools. 



 The Habitat for Humanity kitchen build comes about half-way through their program. The students intend to volunteer for Habitat to install the kitchens in the Ormstown homes.


Brendan CM2-O16 kitchen



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