By Mike Cohen

MADA’s staff and volunteers gathered for the organization’s seventh annual volunteer appreciation event recently. It was hosted by Vivian and Howard Stotland at their residence in Westmount. The attendees enjoyed a Klezmer band, inspirational stories by fellow volunteers, gifts for all, and a delicious BBQ buffet.

Among the speakers were Marc Kakon, Helen Cons and Steve Gross, who added an element of enthusiasm and inspired those in attendance.  “Tonight we want to say a huge thank you to our volunteers,” said Helen Cons. “Ninety percent of the organization’s programs are carried out by volunteers, and they therefore provide invaluable assistance in helping us make MADA run smoothly.”


Added Volunteer Coordinator Shmuel Pinson: “MADA has a variety of volunteers from all walks of life, ranging from students, young and adults crowd, professionals and retirees, all of whom enjoyed the evening. Each volunteer can easily find a place in MADA to fulfill his or her desire to give back to the community.”

Etty Bienstock, a longtime community activist, stated: “There was a feeling of community in the air that allowed people to interact with one another. I feel that volunteering creates an important awareness among the youth of the community.

MADA Community Center provides a platform for volunteers to perform acts of “chesed” (kindness). The volunteers help strengthen the mission of MADA:  to help people in need by providing food, clothing and furniture while preserving the patrons’ dignity and helping them become self-sufficient members of the community.

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