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ABC offers pest control services in Montreal since 2002 and benefits from the knowledge and resources of the other Franchisees of ABC Extermination Inc., founded in 1977 by Ronald O. Maheu, son of Henry Maheu, a pest control pioneer in Canada.

Our quality service commitment

At ABC, We strive to offer you the most complete pest control and extermination service in order to prevent or eradicate any insect or rodent problem.  Here is a list of our services that will meet the most demanding customer requirements.

  1. Customized pest control program
  2. Insect and rodent control service
  3. Home protection plan
  4. Wildlife control (squirrel, skunk, raccoon)
  5. Odour control
  6. Smoke or video camera test
  7. Professional products and advices at the store
  8. Expert witness



For ABC, pest management is:                        




  1. Our commitment to fulfill the requirements of the customers with respect of public health and the environnement.
  2. To work at the source of the problem by applying integrated pest management strategies.
  3. To be on the lookout for emerging problems and innovative solutions.



Here are the benefits of doing business with us:




  • Our comprehension of your situation and the risks involved
  • Our results
  • Our availabilities
  • Our free estimates
  • Our guarantees
  • Our qualified and certified personnel
  • Our professional responsibility insurance
  • Our membership of the following associations: