Mehadrin Kosher Meat

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Kosher Mehadrin was founded in 2003 by Jacob Moskovits as the first kosher meat processing operation in Canada. What started out as a small processor pushing through 600 beef fronts a week, is today the largest kosher meat processor in Canada for beef, veal, lamb and deli.



Kosher Mehadrin operates a federally inspected and HACCP-accredited processing plant in Montreal North. Our cattle are grain-fed, selected with the highest standard, and guaranteed to be younger than 30 months. We carry many different types and grades: marble, lean, A, AA, AAA, etc.



Kosher Mehadrin is proud to be under the Kashrus certificate of the MK, COR, OU, and Machzikei Hadas Belz of Montreal and New York. Our rapid growth is a result of exceptional customer service and our dedicated team’s commitment to providing a quality product.