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7th Dan



“I have learned a tremendous amount from Shihan S. Oyama and Shihan S. Arneil, and thank them enormously on all phases of Budo Kyokushin training.”.



Shihan began his Karate training in the late 60’s with Roger Lesourd, the father of Kyokushin Karate in Canada. A 7th Dan black-belt, he has acquired a world-wide reputation as one of the foremost authorities in Karate and an eminent karate practitioner and teacher.



He trained for many years with Shigeru Oyama, and trained personally with Mas. Oyama in Japan on several occasions. Shihan Roman travels regularly to different countries to teach and help spread the Kyokushin Way.



He is constantly being solicited to visit countries in various parts of North-America as well as various countries in Europe and Asia such as Poland, Russia, Iran, to name but a few, to teach.



Shihan Roman is an authority on self-defence and has done numerous competitions and demonstrations around the world. Shihan Roman embodies the traditional values of Kyokushin Karate, in the spirit of Mas. Oyama. His classes are famous for their scope and substance, with each student being cared for, and taught according to his or her capacities and interests.


Under Shigeru Oyama ‘s tutelage, Shihan Roman received his sandan and yondan certificates and was the Canadian Representative for the North American Kyokushin Organization during this association.



Roman received his Sandan (3rd Dan) and Yondan (4th Dan) certificates. Roman also had the privilege of studying with Shihan Steve Arneil during his business trips to England, going two or three times a year for periods of one to two weeks at a time.



We are part of the International Karate Organization Kyokushin Kaikan (IKO) whose Chairman is Kancho Yoshikazu Matsushima and the International Chairman is Hanshi John Taylor in Australia. Our organization is present in over 70 countries and possesses several member school across Canada and North-America.



Shihan Roman Szyrajew,  owns and teaches at the Shihan Roman Kyokushin Karate Honbu Dojo, the Canadian headquarters for the Organization.



He is also its North-American Chairman and Canadian Branch Chief.