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Welcome to Vistalife and congratulations on taking the first step towards realizing the hidden value of your life insurance policy. Whether premium deposits have become a financial burden, you require only a portion of your existing coverage or you’re looking for alternatives to surrendering your policy VISTALIFEhas a range of solutions, one of which may be right for you.


We are a company of firsts

We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of alternative ethical and equitable transactions. Whether it be a full or partial surrender to fund your lifestyle, provide financial support to family or simply reduce the financial burden of premium payments VISTALIFE may provide the solution you seek.





Life Options

Regardless of your motivation our concern is your peace of mind. Any transaction should provide comfort in knowing it meets the financial and personal needs of all parties.


With over 70 years of combined financial services experience we understand that individual needs vary with personal circumstances and our portfolio of opportunities reflects these.