The Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope brings people together to empower one another, support one another, and demand better for women living with ovarian cancer
– FACT: Survival rates for women with ovarian cancer haven’t improved in 50 years. Only 44% of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer live 5 years beyond their diagnosis
– The community is determined to change the status quo by supporting those living
with the disease and fundraising for much-needed change

All women are at risk for developing ovarian cancer
– FACT: There is no reliable screening test for this disease, no vaccine to prevent it
Here is also a basic fact section about ovarian cancer should this way of presenting the facts be more efficient to your article;
About ovarian cancer
– 2,800 Canadian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year
– While all women are at risk for developing the disease, a woman is at higher risk if:
o She is over 50 years of age
o Her family has a history of certain types of cancer (ovarian, breast, endometrial,
colorectal cancers)
o She is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent
o She has a genetic mutation associated with ovarian cancer
If you are concerned about your risk for ovarian cancer, speak with your doctor
Walk details (if article is published before September 10 2017):
– The Walk takes place in most locations on Sunday, September 10
– Register or donate today at