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Quebec Family Law

In Quebec, couples who want to separate or divorce have two main choices :


The couple attends private sessions and works together with the mediator to resolve all aspects of the breakup of their relationship. Herein lies the importance of choosing a mediator who knows family law well in order to reach a comprehensive, friendly and equitable agreement.



Each party hires a lawyer to represent them before the Court. Herein lies the importance of choosing a lawyer who will vehemently defend your case but who nevertheless favors negotiation and settlement out of court. The spouses must, however, participate in a mediation info session prior to proceeding by litigation.


I have experience guiding couples in negotiation in order to avoid leaving the most important aspects in their lives to the discretion of a Judge. This expertise is a great asset in not only the mediation process, but also in disputed cases which can thereby be settled out of Court. Mediation is more amicable, expedient and cost-effective; following its success, I can represent you in a joint divorce.


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Anouk Benzacar, Attorney & Mediator

Potentially one of the most difficult things an adult can go through is divorce or separation. All things dear to you may be on the line: your children and their education, support and well-being, your homes, finances, cars… The rupture of your marriage, or relationship, can drain you both emotionally and financially OR although probably emotional, it can be managed in such a way as to minimize the negative impact as much as possible.

Having been called to the Barreau in 1995, I have the experience and dedication required to help you through this. I have extensive knowledge of family law and a practical approach to conflict resolution. I firmly believe that the best results are achieved through negotiation and out-of-court settlement rather than before the Courts. The law affords you protection and equity and there is little reason why full-blown litigation is required when the “big picture” is properly mapped out, analyzed and presented.

In cases however where alternative resolutions are not an option, I am passionate and skilled to vehemently defend your rights before the Courts. When all the information is presented fully, justly and equitably, opposing counsel and I can perhaps manage to settle at least some aspects prior to appearing before a Judge. Even where this is unattainable, you can trust me to offer a well-presented picture of your situation to the Court in order for a Judge to have all elements required to render a decision.