Anouk Benzacar Family Law and Mediator

Why am I your best choice?

I am a lawyer specializing in family law and mediation. Since being called to the Barr in 1995, family law has been my passion. I firmly believe that the best results are achieved through negotiation and out-of-court settlement rather than before the Courts. Indeed, settlement should be promoted whenever possible.

Why have a third party determine your future when you can use my experience and knowledge of the law to guide you to a more amicable and equitable solution? Why spend thousands of dollars in endless Court proceedings? Courts are leaning more and more towards amicable settlements…let me guide you through the process!

I am passionate about conflict resolution and it is my ethos that through negotiation, compromise and collaboration just about everything can be settled. This is possible whether via mediation or in contested cases.

Once our negotiations concluded, I draft what is called a Summary of Agreements. Being a lawyer, I can then represent you by filing joint divorce proceedings without you having to go before a Judge or the Court. 


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