Author: Gutman Locks

Satan and Demon Talk

When one worships an idol, a limited god, such things as demons and evil spirits come into their minds. There is no reason to live this kind of life.

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The Sefirot vs the Chakras

The Sefirot are ten modes or attributes through which G-d manifests Himself. Although the Sephirot are usually shown in a design this is done only to explain their meaning.

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Breathing Torah

Torah is likened to water. This is because Torah and water have so much in common. For instance; they both come from above to below, both are essential to life, both purify.

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Answers to a Pastor

When I agreed to the Pastor’s request for an interview everyone said that I should not go. “He will change what you say to make it look like he’s right. Don’t go!” So I showed up with my own cameraman to be sure to have a record of our conversation.

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