Axon Extermination Montreal

Fumigation services offered 365 days a year with heat treatment.

With the deployment of its specialty equipment, Axon Extermination is innovating by offering fumigation services in all four seasons. Its heating equipment makes it possible to warm a sealed environment so that the fumigation gases are effective.

What is fumigation all about?

Fumigation is the action of releasing a gas in a closed environment (e.g. container, trailer, cube, warehouse) with the aim of exterminating any pests found within. The chemicals present in the gas kill all pests, whatever their stage of development.
Axon Extermination specializes in extermination and fumigation, offering services in the Greater Montreal Area, Quebec City and Ottawa. With several types of equipment and certified technicians specializing in heat treatment, we are equipped to offer you services 365 days a year.


Montreal:               514-914-4979
Ottawa:                  613-271-9191