By Gutman Locks


Torah is likened to water. This is because Torah and water have so much in common. For instance; they both come from above to below, both are essential to life, both purify…. But also, Torah (& mitzvas) can be likened to breathing.


We must breathe in and we must breathe out. Either one of these alone would not enough. Although we experience the breathing process as if it is automatic, the reality is, that just as did Hashem intentionally breathe the breath of life into Adam the first man when He created him, so too is Hashem intentionally breathing our breath in and out of us all day long.


Even though we have an essential desire to breathe in, as if we only need air in our lungs, the fact is, if we do not breathe out we could not breathe in. So, we see that breathing out is just as important as breathing in.


Our Torah learning is really the same. It is not enough that we bring Torah and mitzvahs into our own lives, we have to breathe out, too. We must also bring what we have learned into the lives of others.