Obviously, lipreading is particularly important for people with hearing disabilities. I quickly found that using Canamasq facilitated communication with the patients. – Christine Turgeon, Ph.D, Audiologist, Clinique MultiSens Montreal

Woman with child

CANAMASQ™leaf solves the communication problem

Persons who wear face masks in professional settings all say communication is difficult: with those hard of hearing, with children, with each other. Canamasq™ solves the problem by making the mask wearer’s expressions visible. Older people and the hard of hearing can lip read, children are reassured by your smile. No more need to shout at people or to lift the mask to make yourself understood.

CANAMASQ™leaf solves the ear problem

After a few hours wearing a regular mask, your ears usually start hurting from the constant pressure of the ear loops. Canamasq™ removes the ear pain by having completely adjustable ear loops. You set the length of the loops to the most comfortable position when you put on your Canamasq™.

CANAMASQ™leaf solves the heat problem

Regular masks quickly accumulate the heat from your breath and continuing to wear the mask becomes uncomfortable. Canamasq™ largely overcomes this problem by using a fabric specially designed in Canada for use in face masks. By combining the protective and filtration characteristics of the two or three layers of regular masks into a single layer, breathing becomes much easier and heat is slow to accumulate. In addition, heat is vented upward as the Canamasq™ design closes the mask without a heavy nose wire, further improving breathability.
  • CANAMASQ is being purchased by practitioners in the following areas:
  • Audiology Clinics
  • Hearing Aid Retailers
  • Speech Therapists
  • Neuropathy Clinics
  • Residences for Seniors
  • Schools
  • Daycare and Kindergartens
  • Beauty and Hair Salons
  • Food service and Restaurants
  • Retail Shops
  • Wedding Planners & Organizers
  • Theater groups and TV shows
  • Family members of people with hearing loss
  • Psychologists / Psychotherapists
  • Pediatricians
  • Dermatology Clinics

maskCANAMASQ™leaf means no more shouting

It’s so nice to be understood the first time! No repeating, no shouting.

CANAMASQ™leaf is reusable if hand-washed

Wash your used Canamasq™ by hand with soap and warm water. The anti-fog coating on the polyethylene window of your Canamasq™ will be replaced by an invisible thin film of soap acting as an anti-fog barrier. This is the same procedure used to prevent expensive camera lenses fogging.
Once you have tried Canamasq™ and see the difference, please tell your friends how easy it is to order through this web site. Canamasq™ is a secret worth sharing.