CM Images Montreal

My name is Corey Narsted. Look up the words “traditional” and “conventional” in the dictionary and you can be guaranteed that you won’t find my name next to either of them. When shooting, I always try to find the most interesting, visually appealing angles to work from. I come up with the ideas that nobody has tried before. Each time I step into a new environment, I set a challenge for myself: figure out all the possibilities that the lighting presents and find the best shots.

So what does all this mean for you, the client? Personalization. After years of shooting sports, weddings and architectural photography in all kinds of lighting, I have developed an ability to adapt to different situations very well. When providing photography for all kinds of events,  that ability allows me to tailor the way I work to suit my clients’ personalities. I am not a fan of repeating the same shots day after day. That’s just boring photography.  When covering your day, I will approach it as a completely unique event. I won’t insist on the usual formulaic poses.  I prefer listening to you to capture shots that you want, to the best of my ability. My goal is for you to enjoy the experience and for that to show in the photos.

My photographic style is perhaps best described as candid/documentary. I capture events as they would have unfolded even if I weren’t there, in order to provide a visual retelling of the day. In this sense I am like a journalist, who remains an impartial observer. When a photographer begins to take control of the moment and exert his influence over the scene, he ceases to be an impartial observer of events and becomes a part of them. This is something I avoid at all costs as I want my work to feel as authentic as possible.

I also specialize in architectural photography.  While the subject matter may change, the approach is the same: realism.  My goal is to provide the client with a set of images that faithfully captures the look and feel of the space I’m shooting.  It’s almost like shooting a portrait of a house.

For any information at all, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at 514-965-0471.