Diana Donchenko | Financial Security Advisor

Born and raised in Ukraine until 2008 , my parents chose to immigrate to Canada and settle in Montreal for a better education.

I graduated from UQAM with a bachelor degree in international business and round It up by spending a year in a top 10 business University in Europe “Bocconi university/Milan/Italy ” to help me achieve the highest level of understanding the need of our society and individuals economic and Financial Security, by aligning them with a compatible future Target and heading.

I’ve been raised with a strict set of values to always lend a hand when strong, that’s why I joined Habitat for Humanity and travel to Nicaragua to give Aid. Intrigued by the Spanish language I moved to Barcelona Spain and I took up a semester of intensive Spanish language course. My language knowledge now extends to; English, French, Russian, Spanish in some Italian.

After my studies I traveled around the world for a year and came to a realization, that the most common value that unites all cultures is “family”. So I took it upon myself as a duty to help as many families as I can manage their finances for a better tomorrow.