Eco-Scientific Consultants Montreal

Tired of doing exterminations over and over again, just to find cockroaches being back three months later? Try the Multidisciplinary science based approach to Pest Management recommended by professional pest management organizations and academia.

It is:

  • Humane
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Effective
  • Permanent

In pest management Eco-Scientific Consultants specialize in Blatella germanica (German cockroach) and in rodent infestations found in residential apartment building setting. We do not sell application of pesticides! We search and find permanent solution to your recurring pest problems.


Eco-Scientific Consultants,5760 Royalmount, #101, Mount-Royal, Québec, Canada H4P 1K5

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Paul Kauler B.Sc.
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5760 Royalmount, #101
Mount-Royal, Québec, Canada H4P 1K5


(514) 646-6430