Equilibrium Services

Bringing balance into your life!

Equilibrium Services was born out of my passion for organizing and leading a more balanced life. Given all the demands on our time, the many hats that we wear on any particular day and our long to-do lists, finding the time to pursue our own interests, let alone organize our home, is a challenge to us all, but it doesn’t have to be, I can help you.
I can organize and declutter any of the physical spaces in your home, offer you support to facilitate actions around removal of unwanted belongings, and set up systems that can help you establish order and simplicity. Our homes should be our sanctuary, not another source of stress. Let’s work together to accomplish that!

Home organizing

Through careful sorting and editing, I can help you declutter, organize and maintain your home “in equilibrium”.

Be it a cabinet, a room or an entire home, I will organize your space with a practical, tailor made approach to fit who you are and how you live. I’ll work with you and within your budget.

To ensure a successful transition to your new home, I will help you plan and assist you in:
•Deciding what to keep
•Removing unwanted, unused, and unneeded belongings
•Finding resources for donations and recyclables