Fantastik Fences

About Us

Fantastik Fences is composed of a young hard working professional team, building custom wood fences and garden structures to give you the privacy most of us crave but also beautifying it’s surroundings & adding value to your home. We have years of experience in landscaping & woodworking, we take pride in our work & love what we do.We have many models to choose from and are capable of bringing any project to life. We serve all of Montreal and its surrounding areas, we’ve also been known to go out as far as Val-Morin. We can accommodate most needs. Whether it’s for an appointment or just a question, feel free to contact me. Owner, Project manager & Builder


Montreal, QC





Fences & Doors

Custom Built Fences
Wood Fence Construction Up to 12 ft / 3.6m in height Deep concrete foundations Option for removable sections
Custom Designed Doors
Single, Double & Sliding Doors Up to 12 ft / 3.6m in length
Wood type
Cedar, Treated, Other
Many Fence Styles

Garden Structures

Custom Built
Decorative Screens Pergolas Benches Tables Floating Decks Compost Bins Raised Flower Beds Sandboxes
Wood type
Cedar, Treated, Other
Unique Designs

Retaining Walls

Custom Built
Wood Construction Up to 6ft / 1.8m in height Built with posts of 6in x 6in size (15.2cm x 15.2cm)
Wood type
Cedar, Treated

Demolition & Repairs

Repair & Replacement
Wood Fences, Doors & Posts
Wood,PVC and Metal Fences Decks and Retaining Walls Responsible Disposal & Recycling at Eco-Centers
Quality Work