Genico Solutions Montreal

We started our journey in online marketing and E-Commerce, but ultimately our dream was to work in real estate. During our time in the online sphere of business we learnt many valuable lessons about customer service as well as sales and marketing. We are now applying our knowledge to the real estate domain and our goal is to make living space changes easier and stress free for our clients. For some, a change in residence can be unexpected and due to unforeseen complications, stressful. Here at Genico Solutions we do not stop until our work is done and we strive to make your experience a smooth as possible. We are happy to speak with you and get to understand what brings you to Genico. We are here to help!

The Benefits of Working With Us

The difference Genico can make for you

Every way of selling your property will vary and offer it’s own pros and cons. Genico Solutions brings the homeowner a one-of-a-kind  method of sale by making you a cash offer where you can leave the house as you please, all the costs and fees are on us and closing dates are completely up to you! We distinguish ourselves by getting to know each every one of our clients as well as taking the time to understand your situation so we can allow you to meet your goals.

We specialize in getting that property off your hands quicker than anyone else with as little hassle as possible! As soon as we close, you can forget all about paying those annoying; tax payments, utility payments, insurance payments, mortgage payments… Listing your home costs you enormously by forcing you to hold the property, clean it up and keep showing it to different individuals, only to hope that they get approved for a mortgage. Genico is the easiest and most effective solution by not requiring you to; clean/fix your home, repeatedly show your property and wait for a qualified buyer.

We don’t care how many repairs your home needs or the condition that it is in. We would love to work with every individual and help you in any way we can. We are ready to give you the cash that you need to get out of your current situation and are will take care of all the costs of repair so you can keep the most money possible!

Don’t ever worry about fixing and cleaning your home

Genico is an all-in-one, professional real estate provider in Montreal, Quebec, and our goal is to make your home selling experience the quickest and easiest it has ever been. We are uniquely the only service which saves you tons of time and money by dealing with you directly to get to understand your needs. We offer the simplest and quickest transaction to alleviate you from your property and allow you to begin a new chapter in your life as quickly as possible.

We would love to get to know you and come up with a suitable offer for you.

We would love to get to know you and start working with you whenever you are ready. Just quickly fill out the form below or give us a call at 514-999-3219 and we can get started on working personally with you. We make it simple for you by being available to meet and speak with you whenever you have the time. It is 100% free to get a quote and you have no obligation to follow through. Although, by not speaking with us about your property, you could potentially be losing thousands of dollars per month by holding an unwanted property. Let Genico help!