Indiecan Entertainment is proud to present its latest project Jewish Films on Demand, a platform to connect the North American audience with quality Jewish audiovisual content. Idealized by producer Avi Federgreen, Jewish Films on Demand (JVOD) reunites a carefully curated list of films to celebrate the Jewish heritage and culture both in Israel and within the Diaspora, portraying topics such as religion, refugees, LGBTQ+ community, war and family. 


JVOD has partnered with companies such as GoToFilms, based in Israel, to host an eclectic mix of all genres. The catalogue includes documentaries, long-form narratives and short films. JVOD is a transactional video on demand platform, meaning the customer acquires or rents each film instead of paying for a subscription. The documentaries The Dreamers, winner of Best Documentary at the Rehovot International Women’s Film Festival 2011, and Pinchas, winner of the Audience Award at the Brooklyn International Film Festival 2009, are two of the titles of the incredible mix of Jewish films hosted by JVOD.


The website for Jewish Films on Demand is