About the author, Irene Steiner

Irene Steiner (the book is written under Irene Even) was born in Romania in 1929. At the age of twelve she was sent to a boarding school in Budapest, where she survived the Nazi occupation and lived through the Second World War using false papers to survive. After the war, she immigrated to Palestine and experienced life on a Kibbutz, then later married and immigrated to Canada with her family, where she received a Diploma of Education from McGill and a B.A. in History and French Literature from Concordia University. Steiner returned to Israel to teach English and remained there for twenty-two years. She now lives in retirement in Montreal, where she wrote her memoir, A Life of the Twentieth Century. Steiner returned to Concordia and attained a B.A. in English Literature in 2011 and a third B.A in Philosophy and the Classics in 2017.

About the book

A Life of the Twentieth Century is a harrowing, fascinating tale linking the feudal era of Old Europe, starting in a small village in the Carpathian Mountains, to modern times. This personal journey, played out against a political backdrop, takes readers through war, bondage, liberation and survival. The story is a tribute to perseverance and hope.

To read an excerpt from A Life of the Twentieth Centuryamzn.to/2oi8HIz

A lifetime teacher and learner, Steiner clearly appreciates the value of education. “It’s not only what it gives you but what it makes of you.” From Concordia University news article, A Life of Learningwww.concordia.ca/cunews/offices/vpaer/aar/2017/08/01/a-life-of-learning.html