Louise Quinn – Residential Real Estate Broker

Janet Torge

Preparing seniors for the next housing and care phase of their lives

Workshop for community groups

The grey wave is coming but people are not prepared. Louise and Janet are teaming up to provide a roadmap and resources to make housing decisions while it’s still a proactive choice.

Louise Quinn, a seniors’ real estate specialist, is guiding seniors through the entire process of choosing new places to live and the sale of their homes. She sees first-hand the importance of this workshop.

Janet Torge is the founder of Radical Resthomes and a fabulous workshop facilitator. “We need discussions now about what type of living situation suits each of us. We need something to look forward to instead of worrying about the future.”

Contact Janet at info@radicalresthomes.com to see discussion topics and to coordinate a workshop for your community group.

A Seniors Real Estate Specialist® can help!

Pick up any newspaper, academic journal or article on demographics and you will read about an impending tsunami of seniors. It is projected that “boomer seniors” will stay healthier longer, become 25% of our population and are expected to break existing longevity records.

Someone once asked Jane Jacobs, where seniors should live…  She answered simply: “Everywhere”.

Choosing where you will live is a big decision. I can help.

Service includes:

  • Conversations to determine appropriate housing and senior friendly neighbourhoods.
  • Visits to various housing models and residences
  • Access to community resources needed for the transition (movers, down-sizers, notaries, legal consultants, etc.)
  • Access to a high performance real estate team to ensure a home sale that is less stressful and more successful.

​​I accompany seniors through the entire process of moving to another place and chapter in their lives. I look forward to understanding your moving objectives and reviewing possible options.

Please do not hesitate to call me (514-966-0865).


 Seniors Real Estate Specialist ®