MNG Lighting

MNG Lighting is a Canadian online store for contemporary lighting.

We offer top quality lighting, superior customer service, and great price value. 

We are committed to and passionate about lighting, our philosophy is to provide our customers with the best solution. This means offering products that are pleasing and practical, to fit each customer’s needs and circumstances.

Visit our e-store and you’ll find a wide variety of options ranging from the hottest new styles to timeless classic… in various price ranges to fit your lifestyle and budget.

All our Chandeliers are made from high-quality materials. We are both a direct importer and direct reseller of quality decorative lighting. We sell our items at reasonable price because we buy directly from the factory with no markup.

Choosing the best product isn’t always easy. We are happy to help you, answer your questions and provide the best solutions for your particular needs.

Welcome to shop in our store!


280 Ness st. Saint-Laurent QC H4T 0A6