Montreal Organizer

As far back as I can remember I have always been interested in spaces that had order, were practical and aesthetically pleasing.

For decades I have been organizing people’s spaces.

To see the artistry develop before my eyes as the job progresses is a true passion and joy for me.

Leaving the client with the power to now manage their own space is the final pleasure.

“Clearing your physical space also clears your mental and emotional space”


If you are thinking about changing the function of a particular room in your home, I can help you bring your vision to life by helping you sort through and re-organize what you already have as well as help you find ways to increase your organization by acting as a personal shopper, purchasing bins, shelving, and anything else you may need to make your vision a reality.


Whether you are moving in or moving out, I can help you through both processes by serving as a guide through your packing and unpacking as well as aid you in the decoration/organization of your new home.


In order to facilitate the sale of your home, I can come in and help you organize specific spaces and elements of your home so as to make them most appealing to potential buyers.


If you are simply trying to add some organization to an existing space in your home without necessarily changing its function, I can help you sort through and compartmentalize items that can be kept and items that no longer serve a purpose as well as reorganize the kept items.


Stockrooms are often a place of mismatch and disorganization and I can help you to add levels of organization to your stockrooms saving you time, effort and money.

KITCHEN organization

Kitchens are often the hubs of peoples’ homes and I can help you give your kitchen some much needed TLC through the organization of fridges, pantries, cabinets, and cutlery drawers.






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