About Us

Moores Photographie is the result of the collaboration between Floriane and Norman, a happily married couple.

Passionate about photography, they have naturally combined their vision, technicality and creativity to offer you a unique and professional experience.

For months you prepare for one of the most beautiful days of your life and no element should be left to chance. The things we will take pleasure in remembering will not only be the great moments but also all the little details that will have punctuated the day. Capturing the emotions, the unique moments in time, the value of certain shots is invaluable: your mother who looks at you in the distance, the hidden tears of your grandfather, your laughing child or the loving gaze that carries you to your partner as you walk down the aisle.

Thus, Moores Photographie discusses the exercise of illustration through the photo report, to tell the story of your day through a multitude of points of view. Mastering all aspects of photography, the Moores are able to cope with all possible situations in terms of lighting, framing, subjects, environments and spaces thanks to adequate equipment, know-how, expertise and a special connection between photographers.



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