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Our COLLECTION TOURS integrate the five senses and inspire a zest for life

Our DESTINATIONS have been handpicked to provide you memorable, quality experiences

Our LONG STAYS offer you relaxation and ease of mind

Whatever your choice, Nextep Tours is committed to providing you with the Next Level of Travel

Uplifting, Unique, Travel Happenings

They root themselves in authenticity, wellbeing, nature and at the same time are pragmatic and affordable

Our Promise

Nextep Tours pays special attention to your travel plans. We recognize the importance that our customers place on their travels. That’s why WE PROMISE to always offer the best in services and knowledge to help our customers make the right choices for a great and worry-free trip. Details are what makes the difference.

Our staff has years of experience in tourism and all the knowledge gained during these years helps to better understand your needs. Our tours, trips, deals and offers have been carefully crafted by a team dedicated to providing more to travelers.

Our concern for quality and the passion we feel to do this job motivate us to seek the maximum value to offer to our customers. The Nextep Tours team is always ready to serve you.

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Why Travel With Us


Having traveled the paths of each journey, we have chosen the most relevant and essential elements for your experiences. Being experts in our destinations of Greece and Spain, we have handcrafted packages by arranging the details in order to satisfy your expectations. Experiencing a holiday requires a series of highlights not to be missed.
And we have them!


In our Greek Packages and Spain Packages we have combined quality hotels and culturally immersive itineraries to offer you the best value for your money. In fact, the most common refrain from our travelers is that they can’t believe they received so much for what they paid. It’s what makes the difference between a good tour and an incredible one.


We incorporate activities in our Collection Tours that bring to life the local cultures and traditions. Whether it is picking olives in the Peloponnese, dancing the Greek syrtaki or sampling wine in Arcadia, you will participate in unique experiences to interact and in the process awaken your five senses. A Tour based on Authenticity, Nature and Well-being.

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