Rob Malo Films

Hey, my name is Rob, I’m a Montreal film maker! I specialize in candid cinematography. Capturing moments from a wallflowers perspective grants an organic and sentimental atmosphere to the videos I produce. While directing and producing many forms of video greatly interests me, I find I excel in wedding cinematography. Every video is personalized to fit each couple. Meeting couples before their big day helps build an initial bond between us to create a level of comfort where they can feel at ease during their day and be their truly natural selves. During this meeting we discuss any details that are significant to them so it’s clear before their big day assuring them that there will be no need for any micro management on my end.
Feel free to email me your ideas and we can discuss any pricing! I look forward to helping you bring your video project to life.

Like what you see? Video packages starting at $1,250 and photo video packages starting at $2,950. Let’s talk about your wedding!