How it works?

  1. Bring us your items and we’ll assess how much we can lend you.
  2. Following the agreement of the amount, we will make you a contract in due form with the amount granted and you can leave with this amount in your pocket.
  3. Your jewelry will then be carefully packaged and stored in our safety deposit boxes at the bank for added security and your peace of mind.

  4. The pawnshop is always for 1 month and it is renewable monthly as long as the interest is paid monthly.
  5. You can renew your contract at our store in person, have someone pay the monthly installment, or pay by mail by sending us a money order or money order (bank draft).
  6. To take back your pawnshop items, you must notify us 48 hours in advance (so that we can collect them from the bank) and pay the total amount of the contract before it expires.
  7. Only the signatory can take back possession of the items, unless a power of attorney duly signed by the owner of the goods authorizing a third person (who must prove his identity) to recover them for him.

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you more information.


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