Skylights Montreal  

Skylights Montreal is a steadily growing company that offers a wide range of products and services associated with them in Montreal. Our passion for creating exceptional quality products and satisfying even the most demanding customers lies at the heart of our happiness. At Skylights Montreal, each and every employee is committed to his work striving to maintain traditionally high-quality standards. We believe that high-quality products combined with excellent service is the right way to grow our business. When purchasing our products, our clients may rest assured that they have made the right choice. We guarantee our products will serve well for a long time sharing bright light and comfort.

Skylight installation

Skylights are typically installed on pitched and flat roofs. All the work must be carried out by professional roofers, with experience in installing skylights.

For tilted roofs Skylights Montreal professionals recommend using 3′ membrane to protect wooden decks. Step flashing and decorative flashing must also be used.

The minimum skylight frame height in Montreal is 6″. For flat roofs the minimum skylight frame height is 12″ (the higher is the better). 


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Skylights Inspection

Skylights Montreal provides skylight inspection services, which can be requested for any of the following reasons:

  • presence of cracks in the glass
  • insulation damages
  • excessive condensation
  • leaks

After the inspection, our specialist will provide an appropriate solution to address the problem.

Skylights Repair

Skylights Montreal can also carry out skylights repair of any kind. The decision of whether the skylight needs repair is made after the inspection by our qualified specialists. Skylights Montreal provides free written estimates prior to starting the necessary repairs. All repairs are covered under a manufacturer’s warranty.

Skylights Delivery

Skylights Montreal ensures the safety shipping of purchased products by arranging a direct skylights delivery to the construction site or the specified address.