For Rosh Hashana, offer to your family, friends, students a book as gift.

Our book “The Jerusalem Parchement”,a medieval novel,

Offers a fresh insight view on the relations between Jewish scholars and  upper class Christians.

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Three possessions should you prize: a field, a friend, and a book.

 ~ Hai Gaon, Head of Bet Din in 998; Wrote commentaries on Torah and Talmud until his death at age 99.

 ראש השנה

 from Tuvia Fogel

The Jerusalem Parchment

Release February 2018                       

The Jerusalem Parchment

A Kabbalist’s Search for an Esoteric Map in the Time of the Crusades


A story of forbidden love and religious war in the quest to find the

mysterious Parchment of Circles

  • Centers on the search for the Parchment of Circles, an ancient map said to lead

to mystical wisdom that challenges the story of Christ’s resurrection, validates the

Cathar faith, and serves as the Templars’ blackmail against the Church

Destiny Books

ISBN 978-1-62055-695-5

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