In her debut novel, The Prague Crystal,  Montreal  Jewish writer Dana Kobernick addresses the universal challenge of living with uncertainty and the reality of an unpredictable future.


Mia is 41 years old, single, and exhausted from over two decades of dating. While still clinging to the hope that she will one day find that elusive man, she knows that soon enough she will have to close the door on motherhood. Sarah can’t imagine not having her own child, but several devastating losses have shaken her resolve. Level-headed Kate wavers when faced with a cancer diagnosis, while Sophie wonders how she ended up in such a dysfunctional marriage.


A crystal pendant, purchased by Mia as a personal reminder of her own strength, passes through the lives of the four women. As the crystal moves from hand to hand, it comes to represent their individual and collective strengths, helping each one of them face the losses of what they thought they wanted while leading them toward what they need. Told from the perspective of each woman in alternating chapters, The Prague Crystal helps us to embrace the unknown.


Dana Kobernick is the author of the short story “The Sweetness of Pears” and lives in Côte Saint-Luc.


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