Their grandfather survived Auschwitz. And miraculously, so did his tefillin. It was an almost impossible – and extremely dangerous – task to keep the tefillin from the eyes of the Nazis, but he was willing to risk everything to save them.

In the midst of the horror of the concentration camp, he somehow found tiny spaces where he could hide them, never knowing if he had been seen. His heart would be racing as he crept away from the hiding places, fearful that at any moment he would be caught and beaten.

After liberation, he came to Israel and established a family and, after his death, his tefillin became the most precious possession the family had.

And then came the fires in Israel – set by terrorists in the newest weapon in their arsenal of violence. It reached this family’s home and before they were able to do anything, the fire raced through their home. They couldn’t reach the tefillin in time.

They searched desperately, combing through the ashes and debris. When they finally found them, all that was left of the precious tefillin was a piece that was burned beyond recognition.

Their home was destroyed and the tefillin belonging to their beloved grandfather, so carefully hidden in Auschwitz, were now lost in Israel.

Chabad’s Terror Victims Project (CTVP) immediately stepped in to help this family rebuild their life. Basic essentials are being provided and they have been moved to another apartment with CTVP covering the costs.

And a new pair of tefillin has been brought to them. They will never replace the meaning the first pair had to the family, but now they have a pair that they can call a gift from their grandfather.

This is one of the hundreds and hundreds of families devastated by the fires – families CTVP is helping. In cities throughout Israel, we are providing the aid and assistance that is helping them pick up the pieces of their lives.

So many families have lost precious heirlooms that can’t be replaced, but for basic necessities – food, clothing, appliances, shelter, counseling and comfort – CTVP is there with the families, providing them with all they need to rebuild their lives out of the ashes

We are only able to do all this because we have the generous partnership of caring people like you across the world.

Please make the largest emergency donation you can to CTVP today. These families, shocked and distraught by the fires that have destroyed their homes and lives, need us. We need you to ensure an ongoing stream of help to all of them. Thank you.