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TransInter was established in 1997 with 2 tractor-trailers and, due to our excellent service and customer satisfaction, we’ve developed our fleet to more than 28 tractors and 45 trailers.

Our goal is to consistently exceed the needs and expectations of our customers and we do so by relying on our team of seasoned professionals who, with over one hundred years of combined experience in the transport industry, will do its best to become the carrier on which you can continuously rely.


TransInter ensures this commitment by utilizing the most advanced state-of-the-art GPS tracking and communications systems which control and track every driver, tractor, trailer as well as your valuable shipments IN REAL TIME.



TransInter’s efficient, flexible and reliable transportation services are backed by state-of-the-art technology and a vehicular fleet that covers the entire North American market. Working seamlessly with our advanced computer tracking systems utilizing state-of-the-art GPS technology, TransInter is able to enhance efficiency and reliability by always having important shipment, vehicle and load information available.  Not only are all TransInter’s vehicles equipped with GPS, but they are also equipped with a scanner and printer so shipping documents can be transmitted directly and instantly to the terminal for customs clearance preparation, thus avoiding costly delays at the border.


TransInter offers a complete pickup and delivery service for a host of merchandise including industrial machinery, coils, aluminum, steel, lumber products and much more. At TransInter, we work closely with our customers to ease shipping truckload freight.  Our team of transportation specialists work hard to make the process easy and hassle-free for our customers and, as a Flat Bed and Step Deck carrier with 45 trailers, TransInter can handle your pickups and deliveries effortlessly.


TransInter uses mostly top-of-the-line Freightliner Tractors due to the prestige as well as the reliability and safety statistics associated with the brand.  TransInter customers often appreciate the beauty and awesomeness of these vehicles when observing their shipments leaving their docks or arriving punctually at their destination.


There are several reasons to consider a Flat Bed trailer for your cargo transport:

  • The shipment may be too long for regular Dry Vans. Perhaps the shipment includes long pipes and/or timber.
  • The dimensions of the shipment exceed those of a perimetrically-enclosed Dry Van, i.e., bulky industrial equipment and/or earthmoving equipment that can be loaded onto a Flat Bed either from the sides or from above using cranes.
  • Construction equipment and/or materials that must be unloaded from either side using fork trucks.
  • Oversized-wide units that may require a police vehicle for escort.


Step Deck Trailers are sometimes called “Drop Deck Trailers” or “Single Drop Trailers”, and they are a version of the typical Flat Bed Trailer which, in addition to the standard flat bed, have a rising “step” deck located towards the nose of the trailer.

Step Deck Trailers are mostly used for higher shipments that are not permitted on a regular Flat Bed trailer, commonly attributable to restrictions on height. Furthermore, equipment such as construction vehicles and tractors are much easier to transport since many Step Deck Trailers come with ramps at the rear allowing for equipment to be rapidly and effortlessly driven onto and off the trailer.


Roll Tite Trailers permit loading and unloading from the side, the rear and the top. Your shipment will remain protected from the elements with no need for a heavy tarp placed on it while in transit.  Both sides can be rolled simultaneously towards the front thus revealing an easy-to-get-to cargo.

The use of Roll Tite Trailers is ideal when shipping delicate machinery, robotics or electronics among others.


TransInter specializes in full truckload freight transportation to and from the United States into and from the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. TransInter provides complete Flat Bed and Step Deck services and coordinates safe, reliable transportation of shipments throughout Canada and the continental United States including, but not limited, to destinations such as Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and as far as California, Washington, Oregon and Florida.

TransInter makes sure your freight arrives promptly and safely at its destination, each and every time.


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