Tzanet Kitchen Equipment and Supplies

At Tzanet, we take pride in providing you with top quality products at affordable prices along with exceptional customer service.

Tzanet is at the forefront of providing you with the most innovative and state of the art kitchen and restaurant equipment. Whether you’re opening up your new restaurant, organizing a catering event or just updating your household’s kitchen ware, you are guaranteed to find exactly what you are looking for. With over 35 years of experience in our field,  we at Tzanet have learnt to build a formidable partnership with not only our customers but also with our suppliers;  with this already established purchasing and delivery network , our company is committed to supplying you with the best quality products at the most affordable prices along with exceptional customer service.

We strive to accommodate all customers depending on their needs and budget. As such, customer wanting to furnish their start up restaurant or wholesalers wanting to buy in bulk can enjoy flexible credit and payment terms. We offer multiple payment terms for repeat customers or for bulk purchases of small ware items.  Our salesman will also work with you as to make sure you find the appropriate Equipment in sync with your restaurant or kitchen size. Use the “Send an email” or “contact us” page to send us your inquiry after which a salesman will be happy to contact you with possible purchasing options. Please note that our website only offers credit cards and PayPal payment options. Credit terms must be negotiated and agreed upon in store through a sales person.

Tzanet has built a structured and efficient transportation network allowing us to offer you top notch customer service as well as on time and flexibility delivery processes. Our trusted partnerships with several carriers as well as our own Tzanet transportation network ensure us maximum efficiency as well as flexibility be it on the Canadian or international level. We aim to serve customers located in remote or rural zones as we continue to expand our shipping network and customer base in not only Canada but other countries as well. We invite and encourage restaurateurs from around the world to get in touch with us (website “contact us page”) to verify if our shipping network can help your business strive. Customers and caterers requiring a specified product will be glad to know that Tzanet also offers on Demand manufacturing. Our shop located in our warehouse, will work with customers as to build their ideal product. For items such as furniture, tables and many more, please call us directly or email us at with your inquiry and one of our salesman will make sure you are served appropriately. Tzanet also offers logo printing services on glassware or plates. Contact us directly by phone or email for a quote.






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