Originally, an accomplished watercolorist, Valeriya began experimenting with quash, and later, with oils. Presently, the artist loves working with acrylics and mixed media as they have the benefit of a wide range of aesthetic characteristics. Using acrylic and to the best of her abilities, Valeriya can create different effects, such as the transparency found in watercolour art, and the deep intensity that comes with oil paintings. In her acrylic pieces, she often uses other media, including varieties of modelling paste, glass paint, ink, pastel, wax, and more. The artist enjoys working with the highest quality grade paints because the strong pigmentation allows for such brilliant tones. Moreover, her paintings make use of wonderful sheens as a result of gold and silver leaf. These materials, manipulated with the help of brushes and sculpting tools, like pallet knives, create depth, while maintaining the desired vividness and translucency of colour, and an illuminating intensity.

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