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Erika Katsof is a recognized and certified gemologist, jeweller, designer, and appraiser of gems and jewellery based in Montreal, Canada. Since she was a little girl, Erika has always been fascinated with precious stones and jewellery. She is especially fond of rare and exceptional gems, and exclusive jewellery designs. An entrepreneur as well, she has, over the years, demonstrated a high level of skill in using a rigorous approach to gem identification and certification, and the appraisal and evaluation of all jewels. This passion is exactly what has led her to offer her clients a range of products and services that meet their needs. Mrs. Katsof has a solid scientific and technological education in pure and applied gemmology through the British GemA courses, and is highly knowledgeable about jewellery, including its manufacturing, history, styles and creators. Her expertise extend from the North American to the international diamond, gem and jewellery markets.


More Of What EK Appraisals Offers

We Come To You For those of you who are in the Montreal & surrounding area, we are glad to come to you when and where it’s convenient for your schedule. We can meet you at your home, your work, your safety deposit box or anywhere else! We Can Deal Directly With Your Insurance Company For You!
Unsure of what they need for a jewelry appraisal, want to replace a piece of jewelry, or have other concerns? We can speak with your contact to make things as easy and quick as possible.

Need To Replace A Piece Of Jewelry?

Lost a piece of jewelry? Don’t have much more than a memory? We can remake a piece of jewelry through a description or photo.


We make house calls in Montreal & the surrounding area. EK Appraisals is happy to meet you at your home, your office, or even your safety deposit box. We love our customers so we like to make things as easy & safe for you. Call us today to reserve your appointment!


cell. 514.887.2319 t.f. 888.484.7452



Types of Appraisals Provided by EK Appraisals

Insurance Replacement

For those who are looking to insure their precious piece(s) of jewelry, a detailed description of what you are wishing to insure is necessary.

Estate Sale

When you are looking to sell the item(s) of jewelry that were handed down to you, this can help you figure out what you can expect to get.

Interest in Purchase

When you’re interested in purchasing a new jewelry and you want to make sure that price tag is the true retail worth of the piece.


In the circumstance that you are wishing to sell off a piece of jewelry, for many various reasons, this can help you have a price in mind.


There are many more reasons for an appraisal. Please call us at 514.887.2319 or 888.484.7452 to ask us any questions that you may have.